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Test Taking Instructions

Required Reading

Please read the compete instructions if you are new to scantron answer sheets

#13 is especially important


  1. Number 2 pencil.
  2. Color inside the bubbles.
  3. Erasing smudge marks outside of a bubble may be seen as an answer by the machine.
  4. Answer A for True and B for false.


  1. Make sure the name on the answer key is in your name!
  2. Use only a #2 pencil on your scantron answer sheet. A number 2 should be printed on the pencil. DO NOT USE A PEN.
  3. Pencils will be provided for you.
  4. There are 50 questions to your test (2 or 3 pages) and a separate scantron answer sheet on which you will choose your answer.
  5. It is OK to write on your test pages.
  6. It is NOT OK to write anything on your scantron answer sheet except for your name and coloring in your bubbles (small circles) to answer the questions.
  7. There is a “bubble” for each possible answer A, B, C, D, E on your scantron answer sheet.
  8. Only color in one option and do not go outside of the lines.
  9. Most of the questions on your test will have only 3 possible answers A, B, or C.
  10. Unless there are 5 choices to a question you will not be coloring in options D, or E.
  11. If it is a True or False question there are only 2 choices available to you. On your scantron answer sheet color in A for true and B for false, do not color in options C, D, or E.
  12. Do not fold or crease your Scantron answer sheet.
  13. ERASING: Do not cross out mistakes, erase but make sure you do not smudge outside of the lines. Break off a bit of the eraser to expose clean eraser to avoid smudging. The scantron machine will pick up an eraser smudge over a nicely colored-in circle!!
  14. The machine will not read forms with bubbles filled in with X’s, lines, light pencil marks, or bubbles that are overfilled (stay within the lines).