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Stable Management Challenge

Optional Classes

Stable Management Challenge

Saturday, August 14, 2021

The two top scorers in the Written Test in each of the age groups for ages 11 through 25 will be invited to participate in a practical Stable Management test.  A list of riders qualifying for this competition will be posted outside of the Show Office on Saturday morning.

This year’s Stable Management Challenge will consist of a list of scenarios and skills. Each competitor in the Challenge will be asked to answer questions about a particular topic, identify items in a practical situation or demonstrate skills chosen at random from the list below.

The list is being provided so that you may study and be prepared to the best of your ability to respond to the Challenge chosen for you from the list.

  1. Wound Identification and Wound Care
  2. Handling the Heat
  3. Run in Shed Safety and "Checkups"
  4. Giving Medication - best practices for pastes, pills and liquids
  5. What's Your Warm-up Plan (3 scenarios)?