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Equitation Test Scribes


Equitation Test Scribe Volunteer Position

The primary responsibility of the Equitation Test Scribe is to record the judge’s comments and scores on the equitation score sheet.  Unlike dressage ring scribes, however, you will be given general comments about each competitor and no specific tests.

At the start of the day, you will be given a judge/scribe bin for your ring, equitation sheets on a clipboard, ruler, pens and class sheets.  You must have a copy of the day sheet for your ring to know which class is next, its level and which competitors you are expecting.

You will be given blank judges’ sheets, which should have a pre-printed label.  If not, enter the class name and class # on the top left hand corner in the space provided on a blank sheet provided at the back of the stack.

You will be assigned a ring and a judge to work with.  If a judge goes on break, verify that you are not required to assist the new judge entering the ring.

Each judge may work a bit differently, so it is helpful if yu ask your judge if they have a preference for the recording of movements.

You may wish to enter the bridle numbers on your score sheet prior to that class entering the ring and then place a check mark next to the number as they enter.  Be sure to draw a line through any scratches.  In any case, veriify that you have all the riders on your day sheet.

Enter comments from judges and the final score form the judge in the appropriate box for that rider.

Equitation Rings are #EQ1, #EQ2, #EQ3 and are shown on the showgrounds map.

If you are the scribe for the ring at the end of the day, please return the bin with materials to the volunteer coordinator.