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Equitation Ring Stewards


Equitation Ring Steward Volunteer Position

The primary responsibility of the Equitation Ring Steward is to verify the equitation class is on-deck and immediately ready to enter the equitation ring when the equitation ring master or judge calls for the next class.

At the start of the show, the equitation ring steward will be given a clipboard, pen, ruler, walkie talkie, day sheets with the class listing, times and competitors in your ring by the volunteer coordinator.  [Note: each competitor only rides one equitation class.  If they have entered in more than one division, they will ride in the highest level class.  If they are not sure, they need to verify at the show office.  For example, if entered in training level and first level, the competitor will ride in the first level equitation class only.  This information can be verified on the day sheets by the secretary’s office.]

Riders should not enter the on-deck warm-up area until the class before theirs has entered the competition ring.  This is approximately 20 minutes prior to the start of their class.  Prior to this time, warm–up is available in the main warm-up ring.

As competitors enter your on-deck warm-up area, check their bridle numbers off with a check mark next to their competitor number on your day sheet.  When the Equitation Ring Master or Judge calls the class into the competition ring, cross the division off on your sheet.  Inform the Equitation Ring Master or Equitation Scribe if your are missing a competitor, have a no-show, or have any new scratches.

If you are missing a competitor, if possible prior to the start of the class, notify the main warm-up ring steward to see if they have the rider.  If the missing rider is not located, notify the ring master when the previous division is done.  If you have time and are feeling generous, on your walkie-talkie if you have one, you may check the main warm-up area to see if the missing rider is there, but it is not your responsibility to “round up the riders”.  It is the riders’ responsibility to know their ride times, ring, etc.

The Equitation Rings are, #EQ1, #EQ2, #EQ3 and are shown on the showgrounds map.

Please return all supplies at the end of the day to the volunteer coordinator.