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Festival wishes and memories


Do you want to thank your trainer?

Do you have a special memory of participating at the Youth Dressage Festival that you would like to share?

Do you want to wish your rider good luck?

In honor of the Festival's 20th anniversary, we are going to include a special section in the Festival program where you can submit your memories and impressions of the Festival or perhaps your best wishes for this year's riders.  

Proceeds from this section will benefit D4K's scholarship program. 

Cost:  $25 for up to 60 words, plus $25 if you want to include a picture.  Send your insert by email to: Margaret Freeman at and your check by mail to Margaret Freeman, 200 Aurora Lane, Tryon NC 28782.  

Deadline is June 12.  

If you want to include a photo, it can be attached to the email insert at 300dpi at 100% of the size or mailed along with the check.  Photos will be published "thumbnail" size, reduced to 1 1/4" tall, in black and white  (submission can be in color).

The format of the insertion will include your name, followed by your "role" if you wish, and then your insertion.  We hope you will enjoy reading some of the thoughts of the many people who have been involved with the Festival for the past 20 years.

Here are some examples of a possible insert:


     Charlotte Smith (coach):  I am so excited to be back at the Festival this year with my Spotted Ponies team.  You have all worked so hard, and I know you will all ride to the best the best that you can.  Hugs to you all!

     Marsha Fitzgerald (rider):  I have ridden at the Festival for the past four years, and I am excited to be riding at First Level with my new horse Freddie.  My favorite memory from the Festival (so far) is when I scored 66% on my dressage test last year.  It was the first time I had ever scored above 65%.

     Suzie Clark (judge):  My favorite moment at the Festival each year is judging the Dressage Trail class, because the horses and ponies all seem to be having such a good time, especially when they snag a mouthful of hay or grab the carrots.


*Festival wishes and memories will not count towards stabling credits.