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Rules of Riding with Other Riders in the Ring

Required Reading

1. General:

a. Adjust you tack before entering the warm up area.

b. Instructors should be coaching riders from the side of the warm up ring when possible.

c. Do not longe in the warm-up ring.

d. Use a specified longeing area.

e. Do not block the entrance to the warm up ring.

f. Be aware of beginner riders or riders who are not familiar with riding in a group.

g. Keep your eyes up and scanning for other riders so you do not bump into each other.

h. Do not halt on the track.

i. Keep at least one horse length away from any other horse.

j. If a horse has a red ribbon in its tail it means that they may kick, give them extra space.

k. If there is an emergency all riders may be asked to halt until the area is safe again.

l. If your horse becomes uncontrollable and you are possibly a danger to yourself and others you must leave the ring.

2. When riders are riding in opposite directions: 

a. If you are riding on the track always pass left shoulder to left shoulder (the person going to the left has the track and the person going to the right stays to the inside).

b. If you are walking use the inside track so that other riders can pass you on the rail who are moving faster (this is a case where you may be passing right shoulder to right shoulder).

c. If you are both walking on the track pass left shoulder to left shoulder.

3. When you are riding figures off the track: 

a. Ride on your circle so that at least 1-2 horses side by side can pass on your outside.

b. If you are riding a diagonal always stay to the inside of riders on the track. This means that you may have to pass right shoulder to right shoulder.